Kevin Buxton Project
original words & music by: Kevin Buxton

recorded and mixed by: Rick Connolly
drums and percussion: Paul de Gallier
acoustic guitars & vocals: Kevin Buxton
acoustic/electric/bass guitars & vocals: Al Tait
keyboards: Trevor Timson

Paradox Project

original music by: Dominic Read Jones
recorded and mixed by: Dominic Read Jones
drums and percussion: Paul de Gallier
electric guitars: Enzo Renda
acoustic guitars: Martin Nelson
acoustic and electric bass and keyboards: Tim Harries
sax: Clive Warren
guitar, loops, drum programming: Dominic Read Jones

''Marzipan Oblon Man'' Eliot Corina
Songwriter, Singer, Guitarist and Artist

Backing Band: The Death Trap Elevator
Drums: Paul de Gallier
Bass + Vocals: Graham Talbot
Keyboards + Vocals: Duncan Dobson

come back to me

my baby what am I to do
when I look in your eyes
young again